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We aren’t your typical payment processing company. At SignaPay, you can expect flexible pricing, accuracy, and integrity. We are dedicated to not only providing reliable and affordable services, but making sure your business receives the best customer support within the payments industry. With an A+ rating from the BBB Accreditation, we stand by the unmatched services we extend to our customers. We are the processing company you’ve been looking for.

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Speed up your checkout line and gain more customers with our suite of solutions and quick payment products.

Acquire POS and terminal solutions with robust features to help you streamline and manage your restaurant efficiently.

Integrate seamless payment solutions with advanced technology designed for grocery businesses.

Process payments with confidence with our top of the line secure payment products.

Remain competitive and gain valuable payment solutions to take your auto business to the next level.

Professional Services
Gain multiple secure ways to accept a variety of payment methods.

Accept donations easily and securely while increasing your revenue.

Begin accepting payments at schools and events with our mobile card reader.

Services Provided

  • Credit Card Processing
  • eCommerce Payments
  • POS Systems
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • High Risk Accounts
  • Business Support
  • ACH Processing
  • Mobile Payments

Areas Serviced

  • City, State

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Google Reviews

3.4 (28)

a year ago

I've worked at places that use this company. I would rather (as a business owner) to charge the customer a few % more and give them the option to pay it or pay with check or cash. We tell every customer that whips out a card what the fee is. I know this company I worked for was paying 1600.00 a month in cc fees until we switched to this type of cc. They have always answered my questions and are very professional.

4 years ago

If I could give negative 5 stars I would this company did nothing but cost us money they are not professional at all and when we asked questions about why our previous credit card processing company was taking money out of our account he said he is not going to take us using tactics on him and he would rather do business with clients that are straight up with him and then he hung up on us. This is all from him saying we had nothing to worry about with our previous credit card processing company and that he would take care of it . Due to him not doing what he said we lost 400.00 dollars in maintenance fees and because we wanted to know why our previous credit card processing company was still getting in our account and taking money he said we were trying to use tactets and are not being straight up with him and hung up on my wife . Run run run run fare away from signa pay they will not be apart of your team the second they make a mistake that cost there clients money they will back out and stick it to ya.

5 years ago

Holding 43,000.00 hostage because I wouldnt sign a contract letting them take 10% of my companies funds. Now Know manager or supervisor will contact me and they are telling me to refund 100s of retail orders and to rebill them elsewhere. I would never trust this company to process your charges. Very sketchy and hard to get ahold of. Kim, Geraldine etc.. they just run you in circles.

4 years ago

This is a horrible place to work. The system they are using to call people is the worst I've ever seen. They want you to Harass people to set up DC/CC services with them. The number you are calling from says scam likely so people hang up. They call Corporate business and have you look up people in the phone book. They smoke in the building which is pretty illegal. Business says one thing check says something different. Probably should call the IRS. They dont want you on your cellphone unless you are using it to help them. They dont even pay enough money to even pay your cellphone bill. But want you to use it. And the Google Reviews are from Steven and guy that works their. He gets online and make up reviews.

3 years ago

Deceptive Cold Call from a woman who insists that she is calling for a different signapay company. When the actual company rep calls to follow up they admit that they are this signa pay. When asked why they have not responded to some of the negative reviews from 7 months ago, they respond that they will have corporate marketing look into it. Gave an extra star because they both maintained composure during my aggressive grilling. For those that wan tto know what this reaqlly is, they offer you 0 fee processing, what they are really doing is billing you r clients 4% directly on top of your bill, and charging you $100 a month plus other fees for the privilege of making 4% off of all your sales. You can do this yourself by offering your customers a discount if they pay cash, and raising all your prices by 4%. Shady sales practice to take advantage of un-savy business owners. Many of your customers will end up very mad if they miss the signs that say your charging them 4% for using a credit card.