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Nichole is the founder of Creative Visual Solutions, a Retail Sales Coaching company that shows Independent Retail and Product-based business owners how to improve brand positioning, increase sales, and attract customers through proven Merchandising, Marketing and Sales strategies. 


She has 35+ years of Retail Management, Marketing, Sales, and Visual Merchandising experience. She has a BA of Science in Retail degree from Purdue University. Milwaukee, WI is her hometown and now resides in Paramount, CA. 


Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of driving results and collaborating with some of the country’s best retailers such as The Gap, Ann Taylor, Forever 21, Nike, Spanx, and The North Face.


She has been featured in top Retail publications and platforms such as Bling Retail Blog, Entrepreneur, Retail Boss, FIT, Parsons School of Design and Wholesale Central Blog. Now, at Creative Visual Solutions, Nichole helps Independent Retail Owners and Fashion Brands through all stages of their business. From start-up, growth, expansion, and special projects, Nichole uses proven insider secrets and retail techniques used by larger brands to help her clients achieve overall success.


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Areas Serviced



 Virtual Product/Business Analysis 2 Hours

Go over Current Product Presence

    • Discuss overall goals for business and product sales
      • What is the overall goal for product expansion
      • What type(s) of product expansion is right for your product and your type of business
    • Review past Pop Up Shops/Events setups
      • Analyze sales
      • Analyze Visual Standards and identify opportunities
      • Capitalize on strengths

2. Map out Strategic Plan for Expansion

  • What type of stores to pitch:
    • How to pitch stores
    • Discuss Wholesale pricing and strategy
    • Locations
  • The number needed to make sales goals
    • Which products to wholesale and amounts
    • Visual Merchandising/Display strategy for in-store merchandising
  •  Pop Up Shops/Events:
    • Which events to sign up for
    • How many per year to make sales goals
    • Determine fees
    • Determine best events for brand and best customer reach
    • Develop Visual Merchandising strategy for optimum sales
  • Set-Up
    • Visual standards and execution
    • Signage and Marketing
    • Fixtures
    • Tent/Table
  • $897
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Business Strategy” 45 Minute Call

  • Sometimes all you need is someone to point you in the right direction and some clarity on your goals.
  • That is what this ” Business Strategy 45 Minute Call” is designed to do. Bounce your ideas, set or focus on your goals for your business.
  • Get critical next steps so you feel confident knowing you are moving in the next direction.
  • $197
  • Book a call

Services Provided

  • Business Analysis
  • Website assessment and makeover
  • Retail business consulting and coaching
  • Inventory management consulting
  • Marketing planning and consulting
  • Pop Up Shop/special event planning and visual merchandising set u and execution

Areas Serviced

  • City, State

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