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As a Pro Brand, you stand out to potential spaces as a serious pop-up brand to work with. Beyond that, the tangible benefits of discounts through Popable Perks™ could save you thousands of dollars every year. Get the Pro Brand badge and generate more opportunities to grow.

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Finding the right brands, spaces and markets is critical for a successful popup. With the PopUp Shops website, it’s never been easier! Our proprietary matching platform will help connect the perfect brands to popup in the right space. With no third-party booking fees, you work directly to establish the rental terms.

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Ready to take it to the next level? With a free account, you open up access to the community and start making connections. With Pro for Brands, you put the platform to work for you. Here are the top benefits for going Pro.

  • Increased Brand Exposure

    Better rankings in the search results and appear in the Pro Brands filter when spaces are looking for qualified brands to work with.

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    Coming Soon. Highlight your listing, boost your rankings in search, and access more features to finding the perfect space.

  • Discounts on Partner Services

    Exclusive to Pro Brand users, you can access discounts from partnering service providers through Popable Perks™ to save you money in your growing business.

  • Featured in Social Media & Email

    Want that extra pop of awareness and generate more leads? We feature Pro Brands on social media posts and email campaigns to targeted spaces & markets.

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