World Juice Bar

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World Juice Bar is a great retail store and food truck serving Westminster, Colorado and the Denver metropolitan area. We serve delicious drinks and café style foods that are enjoyed by all ages and lifestyles.
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  • Avg Sale: $5.49
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  • Based in Westminster
  • Est. 2002

World Juice Bar

Our Story


We are so excited that you found us. The World Juice Bar is a family owned business that serves mobile beverages and food. Our specialties include fresh fruit smoothies, coffee drinks, and more. We are passionate about our menu which is made of healthy and delicious foods using the best ingredients. From working the festivals at our smoothie stand, delivering drinks from our truck, or serving you from our store, we invite you to learn more about our journey.

How We Started

While dreaming of entrepreneurial success, the kickstarter happened as we regulary attended and worked festivals. At that time, we studied the concession business and quickly realized our potential as food vendors. We immediately knew our calling set out on mission to offer better products. Although we agreed on the business, the menu was yet to be determined.

More than a Trend

Our goal was to offer more than festival food that was unique. So with the popularity of coffee drinks and smoothies from Starbucks and Jamba Juice, we were in favor of selling drinks. After making smoothies for the family in our home kitchen, the concept was finally conceived. Then in 2002 the World Juice Bar was officially born.

Selling drinks at local events was hard work and rewarding than imagined. The people fully embraced our niche because of the absence of healthier options and serving the community became more important. As time continued we participated in more cultural events and serviced more underserved communities. This helped us to fine tune our mission.

Our Mission

We are a product of our environment and we live in a world of different cultures who survived off the land eating foods for all purposes including taste, nutrition, and health. Regardless of your location or status, the mission of the World Juice Bar is to help you taste the flavors of the world.

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