The Bean Cafe on The Go

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Welcome to our family-owned mobile coffee cafe! We're dedicated to spreading joy across Southwest Florida by serving up delicious cold brew, plant-based energy drinks, and irresistible donuts. Our mission is to ensure every visitor leaves with a smile and a taste of happiness!
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  • Based in Marco Island
  • Est. 2023

The Bean Cafe on The Go

Our Story

The Bean Cafe on The Go rolls out as a mobile coffee cart, proudly dispensing Cold and Nitro Cold Brew on tap, alongside a delectable assortment of Donuts and Lotus Plant-Based Energy Drinks! Having traded in our corporate paths for the pursuit of a family venture this past Summer, we, a family-owned establishment, bring forth our passion for coffee to various events and locales through our mobile cart.

Fueling our venture is not only a love for coffee but also a longing for the cream-filled yeast donuts we relished during our time in Ohio. Eager to introduce this delight to our market, we’ve also curated options for our gluten-free family members, presenting a selection that includes Creamsticks and gluten-free cake donuts.

Our mission transcends being merely a mobile coffee cart in the Marco Island/Naples community; it encompasses a commitment to delivering excellence. Rooted in locally roasted coffee beans, our high-quality products make appearances at Farmer’s Markets and pop-up retail locations. For the gluten-free enthusiasts among us, we extend the convenience of complimentary donut deliveries, featuring both gluten-free donuts and our specialty Creamsticks, available seven days a week to Marco Island and vicinity.

Our vision extends to weaving into the fabric of Naples and Marco Island, materializing in diverse pop-up locations. The Bean Cafe on The Go aspires to be a cherished fixture in the community, offering a taste of excellence with every cup and donut.

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