TBH Kids

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Fun, bright and perfect for kids of all ages who are ready to take on personal care! From the makers of the #1 salon quality hair care company in the US since 1999 - Fairy Tales Hair Care.
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TBH Kids

Our Story

Growing up can be hard sometimes! TBH, we’re here to help with our natural line of hair, face and skin care made especially for tweens.

Oily hair – no problem! Our shampoo and conditioner contain nettle and meadowsweet to keep the scalp Ph balanced for clean, grease free hair.

Skin care should start early! Our Gentle Wash & wipes contain cucumber, calendula and aloe to gently yet effectively cleanse.  Blemishes starting? Our Spot Foam & Wipes contains .4% salicylic acid to gently manage outbreaks.

Pimple patches, aluminum free deodorant body wash and lotion round out this very special collection that has won over even the most judgmental tween with its fun, text style, colorful packaging.

Created in 1999, Fairy Tales Hair Care is the leader in salon-quality products for kids.  TBH Kids was created for the next life stage of the Fairy Tales customer.

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