Sweet Comb Chicago

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Pure and natural grooming, skincare, and honey products made in small batches direct from our Rogers Park apiary.
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  • Based in Chicago
  • Est. 2015

Sweet Comb Chicago

Our Story

The idea behind our apiary is simply to help the bees by providing them with a diverse range of nectar away from the mono cultures created by big industry.These days, I’m a bit over-protective of my bees and on the verge of breaking out cigars every time I see the familiar small swarms outside the hive that suggest orientation flights of new bees.

Chicago is one of the few places where the number of honey bees seems to be increasing slightly – thanks to backyard and roof top beekeepers. With you​r support, we’d like to do our part to ensure this trend continues, so please do your best to support local beekeepers.

So what’s the buzz?? With help from the bees we’ve created an organic line of body care products like no other that you are sure to love.

We do It For The Bees!


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