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When you need a nap, grab a Siesta Wrap!

Siesta Wrap

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When you need a nap, grab a Siesta Wrap! Whether you’re crashing out on the couch or relaxing on a road trip, snoozers can’t lose with a cozy Siesta Wrap! This unique nap wrap features a fluffy L-shaped pillow with a full-sized blanket that cuddles you to sleep. When nap time’s over, simply fold the blanket into the pillow’s built-in pouch and you’re ready to roll! The Siesta Wrap goes anywhere, allowing you to take a refreshing nap in all the places you once only dreamed of.

While many high schoolers simply dream of landing the perfect job, teenage entrepreneurs Rosario Picone and Devraj Thakkar have launched their booming Siesta Wrap business based on the need to nab some shuteye in any environment. Here is a short synopsis of how sleep-deprived bus rides turned out to be the ticket to a revolutionary new idea!

Picone and Thakkar met during their sophomore year at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), a world-class STEM-centric residential high school. Although their calendars were packed with a long list of challenging classes, the pair found time to bond over a shared passion for automobiles and entrepreneurship.

This entrepreneurial spirit led them to enroll in an IMSA-sponsored design sprint based at 1871, Chicago’s premier startup incubator. While they were extremely excited about learning from businesses best and brightest, they both dreaded leaving the warmth and comfort of their respective beds for bumpy two-hour bus rides into the city.

After struggling with everything from spine-twisting neck pillows to bunched up blankets, they concluded that these so-called sleep solutions were too insubstantial to provide adequate comfort. This dynamic duo then tossed and turned out several options for better sleep before they finally landed on the Siesta Wrap concept, paving the way to a whole new path in happier napping!

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