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Specializing in health and wellness through Organic Cold-Pressed Juices, natural detox teas and lemonades.
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Sankofa Korner Juicery

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Benefits of a Juice Detoxification

  • Influx of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables
  • Cleanses the body of many toxins
  • Gives a break from the most energy-consuming bodily function while at rest – digestion
  • Deep tissue cleanse and nourishment allows for healthier hair and skin
  • Builds self-discipline
  • Helps break bad food addictions
  • Helps be more in tune with your body
  • For many, it reduces the overall caloric intake which helps shed excess weight (There are minimal empty calories in the juice, unlike those found in many solid foods. This fuels the body efficiently without a need for larger caloric intake.)
  • Concentrated form of anti-oxidants which have been shown to strengthen the immune system


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Whether you are 2 or 102, it is never too late to return back to Nature!

  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Fitness

Here at Sankofa Korner we promote a lifestyle by using ancient wisdom from our ancestors to build community, grow, & connect together for a healthier future.


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