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Molekule is a science and technology company that has reinvented the air purifier. Our unique technology destroys pollutants instead of just collecting them on filters, bringing truly clean air into your home.
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Our Story

Molekule is a San Francisco-based science and clean air company born of a father’s desire to alleviate his son’s debilitating asthma and allergy symptoms.

Molekule was created because Dr. Yogi Goswami realized that existing air purifier technology was outdated and ineffective and could not relieve his son’s Dilip’s asthma symptoms. An acclaimed clean energy scientist, Dr. Goswami spent over 20 years rethinking how air purifiers work and developing PECO, a revolutionary new technology that completely destroys all indoor pollutants.

While current air purifiers are essentially trying to catch pollutants in filters, Molekule uses nanotechnology to break down pollutants on a molecular level.

Having personally experienced the life-changing effects of this technology, Dr. Goswami’s children, Dilip Goswami, and Jaya Rao, worked with him to develop a consumer device in the hope that they can bring relief to as many people as possible. Learn more about this breakthrough technology and the benefits of truly clean indoor air on our Facebook page.


Molekule’s patented technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), works at the molecular level to eliminate indoor air pollution. Take a deep breath and see what makes Molekule the first of its kind.

In 1995, Dr. Yogi Goswami’s notable career in solar energy collided with indoor air quality when his efforts to relieve his son’s debilitating asthma symptoms were met with frustration and disillusion. With a combination of nanotechnology, light and boundless determination, he developed a revolutionary new approach of eliminating indoor air pollution. After two decades of academic research, countless publications, and multiple patents, the technology behind Molekule was born.

Today, Dr. Goswami’s son, Dilip Goswami, has taken his father’s research a step further by creating a physical product in the hopes of helping millions of people breathe better and easier. With increasing industrialization and the effects of climate change, air quality is becoming a vitally important global issue. Dilip has enlisted some of the brightest minds in applied science, engineering, and design to bring Molekule to life. Come join us on our journey to help bring clean and healthy air to the world!

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