Mobae Haircare

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Mobae Haircare has products that elevate your hair care routine while promoting strength, hair growth, and overall hair health.
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  • Based in Orlando
  • Est. 2016

Mobae Haircare

Our Story

Mobae Haircare is a black-owned, woman-owned, hair care company tailored to curly hair textures.

About Me

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my products!

This haircare line is close to my heart and I can only hope that you enjoy it and that it fulfills all it’s promises for your strands.

As far as getting to know me goes, I’ve been on my natural hair journey since 2012 when I did my big chop. It has been a long process but well worth it now that I’ve achieved my hair goals. I’ve gone through many experiments with various ingredients and finally found what works for me as well as those around me.

The majority of my natural hair journey has been a heat-free one but I’ve branched out and have tried new things, especially while testing products.

I’m looking forward to all that comes with being a business owner.

I appreciate everyone who has shown up for me in this venture whether it be through words of advice, likes, shares, or purchasing.

Thank you,

Mo aka Mobae

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