Kita Purse

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Each Kita Purse is uniquely handmade by artisans local to Madagascar. Our Malagasy artisans create these unique raffia bags with exquiste craftmanship and excellence. As a company, we are in awe of our artisans’ handiwork and the authentic originality of each piece.
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    • Womens- Acessories
  • Avg Sale: $170
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  • Based in Boerne
  • Est. 2019

Kita Purse

Our Story

Through our business we seek to bridge the gap between local artisans in Madagascar and customers!

One of the best ways to do this is through the beautiful avenue of art. A piece of art is meant to be both admired and enjoyed by its maker and its beholder. This shared admiration is one intentional way our company seeks to establish this transcontinental connection. Our Malagasy artisans produce our rattan bags by hand through exquisite craftmanship and intelligence. As a company we are in awe of their handiwork and the authentic originality they bring to each piece. We sincerely hope you will treasure your handbag as a special piece of art.

As a young Baylor Start-up we are continually growing on this journey! Let’s change the world one kind moment at a time.

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