Katy Bakes TX

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The best baked sweet treats - made with love.

Katy Bakes TX

Our Story

What happens when you decide to live your dream? You bake!

That’s exactly what I am doing and I am loving it. There’s nothing more enjoyable than making bread early in the morning, dishing up delicious goodies of all kinds, and delivering the sweetest of sweets to new and old friends alike!

How did this happen? I prayed, believed, and reached out for support to some of the most wonderful businesswomen and friends in my area who have encouraged me, wrapped their arms around me, listened, and prayed for me. These marvelous friends and mentors have supported me in word and deed. More importantly – each step of the way has been a step of beauty and design only ordered by our one true loving Saviour and Friend, Jesus! To Him be all the Glory!

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