Itara Jewelry

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We at Itara Jewelry are introducing you to a new era of jewelry with lab grown diamonds. We’re bringing to you a conscious evolution, that’s more honest, more ethical, and one hundred percent conflict free. We feature high quality sustainable lab grown diamonds in modern styles that range from everyday to cocktail wear.

Itara Jewelry

Our Story

Itara is founded by 3rd and 4th generation diamantaires and jewelers. We seek to build a new era in conscious luxury within the fine jewelry space. Itara embodies passion — to embrace innovation, to pioneer conscious luxury, to infuse diamonds into your everyday life.

Each piece of Itara lab-grown jewelry reflects our commitment to building a sustainable future. Honest, ethical and contemporary, we’re bringing you diamonds without the conflict.

Our styles range from everyday to cocktail and party wear. We also create each piece to order, to give you jewelry that’s a personal, meaningful expression of who you are. This also allows us to minimize waste and create sustainable, versatile jewelry you’ll be proud to wear every day. Our diamonds are responsibly sourced and crafted to perfection, made for the concious customer who cares about quality and value.

Let’s revolutionize the way you wear jewelry. Let’s redefine luxury together.

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