Herbain Cafe

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We advocate for a healthier and truly organic handmade non-dairy milk which we make daily. Our handcrafted drinks and food contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavoring. We would like to partner with you to serve our community through a healthier diet while caring for our environment.

Herbain Cafe

Our Story

We are a alternative coffee/tea shop using a minimalist approach to handcrafting our products from scratch and use a diverse menu mainly attending to customers with specific dietary needs. Our business is centered around providing a unique space where customers from diverse backgrounds can relate and connect. We are a in partnership with our parent company Herbain who advocate for a healthier and truly organic approach to manufacturing dietary restricted beverages, snacks and essential pantry food items used to prep our menu items. All our products are made using only locally sourced produce and we vividly support local food farmers.

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