Guyon’s My Favorite Cheesecake

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My Favorite Cheesecake is your go-to place for sweets of an amazing caliber. With a vast range of cakes and cheesecakes, we look forward to satisfying your sweet tooth with exciting flavors.

Guyon’s My Favorite Cheesecake

Our Story

My Favorite Cheesecake is your go-to place for yum like GrandMa used to make. We bake the Best in cheesecake and new to the market, cake. Creativity & satisfaction drives our Durham, NC, based, My Favorite Cheesecake to tastes and combinations unknown to the senses.

We noticed, in the beginning, that different types of desserts were available but we’re plain or bland tasting and it seemed to us that the customer was left sweetened but not satisfied, and we’ve created the solution: My Favorite Cheesecake!

Today, we have a passionate following of repeat customers from all over the east coast that loves all of our confectionary creations and we’d love to expand farther.

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