Fully Focused Movement

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Nutraburst, Iaso Tea, NRG, and many other all natural health and wellness products.
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  • Based in Richmond
  • Est. 2022

Fully Focused Movement

Our Story

So I AM a brand ambassador for total life changes I sell health and wellness products however my journey has been anything but ordinary in fact I say that it is an extraordinary thing that I discovered total life changes and it truly changed my life FOREVER!!! I had suffered 10 devastating miscarriages turns out my body had a imbalance and was rejecting the fetus before it could grow. Well, I started taking Blossme, Nutraburst, and Seamoss and long story short my daughter just turned 1 years old in March. Needless to say I will be shouting from the mountain tops about these great products and how they can help you on your journey to wellness TODAY!!

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