Fairytale Candles

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Unique fragrance candles. 80 to 300-hour burn time. Quality-grade candle wax/wick Beautifully-crafted and designed. Homemade.
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  • Based in Stonecrest
  • Est. 2022

Fairytale Candles

Our Story

Unique dessert-inspired fragrances handcrafted to perfection to make you feel balanced and at home. Each of our candles has a Long-lasting 80 to 300-hour burn time depending on size. Quality-grade candle wax delivers a clear, consistent burn Natural fiber candle wick delivers the best burn for each fragrance Our premium-grade wax is blended with just the right amount of fragrance oil and passion. Each is handcrafted and decorated to give you different unique designs. The scented candle provides a long burn to add a pleasant aroma to dinner parties, lazy Saturdays, and a season’s worth of little moments. The perfect gift for any occasion, Beautifully made and scented.

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