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Fulfilling Fusion of Sandwich and Korean Kimbap. We bring balanced nutrition with natural ingredients. Fulfillment for any diet 🌱/🥩/🍳/🐟 Eat Well, Feel DUNDUN!
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  • Based in Los Angeles
  • Est. 2024


Our Story

Having spent the majority of my life in Korea and moved to the United States for my doctoral studies, what captivated my attention in Los Angeles was the diverse culinary culture. Amidst the variety of delicious foods, I realized there were relatively few options that were both healthy and tasty, yet also affordable and quick to eat.

Our brand name “DunDun” translates to “Fulfilling” in Korean, encapsulating our mission to offer meals that are not only satisfying to the palate but also nourishing to the body. To achieve this mission, we present a fresh take on Kimbap by combining traditional ingredients with modern tastes and presentation.

Understanding the diverse dietary needs, our kimbap is designed to be adaptable. It’s friendly to various diets, from vegan to keto, and incorporates local ingredients for those who enjoy a closer connection to their food. The thoughtfully curated harmony of ingredients ensures each kimbap is not only tasty but also well-balanced, packed with nutrients, and satisfyingly filling. Our kimbap is not only nutritious but also presents a beautiful color combination of ingredients.

In short, Dundun Kimbap respects the heritage of Korean cuisine while evolving it to fit modern lifestyles. It’s a nod to tradition with a vision for the future – nutritious, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

Eat Well, Feel DUNDUN!

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