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A DogSpot is a smart sidewalk sanctuary, providing your dog a safe and cozy home away from home while you briefly go somewhere they aren't allowed.


Our Story

“I believe people and their dogs are happier when they can be together.” – Chelsea Brownridge (Co-Founder of DogSpot)

The inspiration for DogSpot started with my dog, Winston, a terrier mix rescue who lives with me in Brooklyn. Winston is extremely high-energy and suffers from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). For a long time, it was difficult taking Winston around the city with me because so many places don’t allow dogs inside. I wouldn’t tie him up because, like many, I worried he’d get loose, get scared, or be stolen. Sometimes, Winston needed to stay home more often than either of us wanted just because I’d go into a store for a few minutes where he wasn’t allowed. I hated that Winston and I were missing out on lots of extra walks and adventures together. It made me sad to see his disappointed face as I left the apartment right after getting home from work to run errands, leaving him behind again. Eventually, I realized if Winston and I faced these challenges, then millions of other pet parents shared this experience when it came to spending more time with their dogs.

As a solution, I created the DogSpot — essentially a shareable, high-tech, vet-grade dog house — so that the Winstons of the world can enjoy exploring the city life more with their owners. The DogSpot combines dog-first design with technology to create a safe and comfortable house for dogs. It is important to me to make DogSpots accessible for all dog owners and to better enable dog-friendlier communities with the help of local businesses.

My vision for the world is a place where every dog owner has an option to have their dog join them for a walk, anytime and anywhere. I’m committed to giving dogs a safe home away from home — one Spot at a time.

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