D’JJA Aesthetic Beauty Bar

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As a provider of non-invasive body contouring services, I specialize in a range of treatments designed to enhance and transform the body.
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D’JJA Aesthetic Beauty Bar

Our Story

My name is Victoria, everyone calls me Vickie. I am a mother of four wonderful young men who bring me joy and sometimes confusion (lol). Becoming a business woman, started as a conversation with one of my dear friends who told me to never give up my dreams and so SlimThick Chix Boutique became a reality.

I started my boutique back in 2016 in Florida, with great clientele, I moved to Georgia in 2018. In 2019, my mother died and I just started to lose interest in my boutique, then as life changed in 2020, I opened up a physical location, thinking that this would be the best for my business.

I always loved to see different women putting fashion to the test and not being afraid. I always loved to see how bold we as women can be when it came to fashion. I then opened up a physical location which allowed me to meet my customers face to face.

As months went on, the love for fashion fizzled out for me and I decided to move forward with my life long dream of owning my own skincare line. I didn’t think that it could happen. I started making products for my children and friends due to  them having dry skin and other skin issues. So, my goals were to reinvent skincare/self care. I then began to do some extensive research on ingredients that derived from the earth and lord there there was a lot of information for me. I am glad I crossed over to the skincare world, I want to make a change in the market. So everyone can be comfortable in the skin their in.

D’JJA was named after my four boys who mean the world to me. I believe in me and my dreams and ambitions. My goal is to have products suitable for everyone that wants natural and healthy skin. Remember we have to live in our skin every single Day.

As a single mother that has 2 full time jobs, it is difficult to take the time off or even to pay out of pockets to have invasive surgeries such as tummy tucks, liposuction and our butt enhancements, so I decided to get certified in Body Contouring and offer non invasive treatments that have no down time.


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