Diamond Concierge

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Diamond Concierge is a bespoke jewelery brand that aims to offer luxury engagement rings & jewelery at an affordable price. We thrive to deliver exquisite and timeless pieces with high-quality craftmanship.
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  • Based in Dallas
  • Est. 2023

Diamond Concierge

Our Story

Having worked in the jewelry retail industry for over a decade, I witnessed an increasing trend among couples who desired to create their own unique and personalized engagement rings. This incredible journey, coupled with my extensive experience and unwavering passion, inspired me to establish Damond Concierge.

At Damond Concierge, our mission is to craft timeless and classic engagement rings. We strive to cater to various budgets while providing the option to customize and elevate the rings to a more luxurious level with a wide array of center stone choices. Our commitment lies in delivering exquisite pieces that not only captivate but also endure the test of time. we offer rings online through our ecommerce store and also do custom orders by appoinment.

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