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Our Story

“In scientia; veritas, In arte; honestas”

In science; truth, in art; honour

The world of boxing is its opposite forces: the impossible proven possible; hours diminished into moments; sweat into blood; loss to victory; science to art.

In The Squared Ring, dreams are forged into truths; mental endurance carved into physical perfection.

A time where pain is reward and each moment etched in history; victory equals immortality.

At BOXRAW we want to study the science, capture the art; honour the craft.

BOXRAW is born out of the same passion that gets you in the ring. That same determination that pulls you off’ the canvas and onto your feet. That very same belief that says, I can and I will.

We bring you the design, quality and brand that we boxers finally deserve.

This is not a game – we don’t play boxing.

We push HRDR, we move FSTR and we think SMTR – we are BOXRAW.

Welcome to the family.

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