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Annie Digs

Our Story


Why is it so hard to find gorgeous dog beds that fit into beautifully designed spaces? This was the question that led to the creation of Annie Digs.

Being both design-conscious and dog lovers, we noticed that everything in our spaces served a purpose and had a place except for our dog beds. They were useful but not beautiful, and we wanted both to be true for our homes. When you’ve spent countless hours curating your space to mirror your unique personality and aesthetic, your dog’s space should also flow seamlessly with your room.

Approaching this problem with design in mind, we searched for the most beautiful and unique textiles and created them ourselves. We wanted our dog beds to complement interiors and pieces that would essentially be gorgeous floor pillows. With this intention in mind, we chose high-quality upholstery that interior designers would approve.

Although we call our designs dog beds, we see them as stunning floor pillows because they are both beautiful and useful. They are also perfect for your child’s movie night or your meditation hour — that’s if your pup will share their space.

Dog Pillows For Thoughtfully Designed Spaces

Annie Digs founder, Blair Erwin, loves dogs and loves design. Before guests would arrive at her home, Blair would hide the dog beds in closets because they didn’t flow with the design of her space. That’s when she decided design lovers deserved a beautiful pillow to complement their interiors, while their dogs equally deserved a comfortable, lush bed.

Sitting down with her dog Annie by her side, Blair created a line of dog pillows that are intentionally beautiful. When sourcing the fabrics for each dog bed, Blair shopped as though she were designing a new space. She chose stunning textiles from around the world that she knew an interior designer would choose for a client’s home or their own space. Most importantly, Annie chose upholstery that she would not be ashamed to hide when inviting guests into her home.

With eight color collections to match any style/aesthetic and a variation of sizes (4), you can choose a pillow that compliments your design aesthetic and is a perfect fit for your dog.

Meet Blair

Blair Erwin’s eye for beautiful textiles and unique patterns was influenced by her work in the fashion industry, which took her to California and New York City. Her background ultimately influenced her vision for Annie Digs. After years in the fashion industry, Blair is now a Special Education teacher in Houston, Texas. She is a devoted companion to her two Boxers. With Annie Digs, Blair can combine the two things she loves the most: dogs and design.

Meet Annie

Annie is a Boxer and the muse behind Annie Digs. When she isn’t in the office lounging on her well-designed, vibrant dog pillow while Blair designs, she is getting her nails dirty with her brother Fletcher in the backyard.


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