Popable Podcast #001 // Introduction Episode

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Popable Podcast #001 // Introduction Episode

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Scott Blair 0:42
Hello Stephen; thank you for joining us. Welcome to the podcast. I am so glad to have you as my co-host. I think one of the great points about us doing this podcast is I don’t think people are gonna get our voices mixed up. Since you’re from the UK. Yeah, you’re right. And Scott, it’s it’s real fun to be doing this. It’s I know, we talked about it for a long time. So I’m delighted that we we finally got the show on the road as

Stephen Brooks 1:08
well, why don’t you introduce yourself real quick, and just kind of let our audience know who you are and your background so they can follow along and get to know us a little bit? Yeah, sure. So I’m Steven Brooks, I’m known as the pop-up retail expert. I’ve been in the pop-up industry for for over 35 years now. Working with all kinds of startups with retail tech businesses, with brick and mortar retailers with E commerce.

And I think that the foundation of what we’re looking to do is really educate you guys about the pop-up industry. bring along some people that will talk about, you know, all the dynamics of the business from inventory management, accounting to space location, marketing, I mean, you know, think of anything to do with with pop-up retailing, and we’re going to attract these guests. This is Scott, this is Steven,

Scott Blair 0:26
and this is the poppable podcast, where we share proven strategies, and talk with industry experts to help you grow your pop-up business.

Stephen Brooks 1:36
businesses as well. I’m a published author on the subject of pop-ups, and I do I do regular television work for a network. And now we have our own podcast, Scott. So I’m really delighted that we were doing this

Scott Blair 1:50
awesome. Well, and this is Scott, I come from a different angle. I’m on more in the digital marketing side. In my past, so I have been in digital marketing, and worked on the E commerce side for the past 20 years, including taking to multi channel retailers that had no online experience about over $5 million in revenue within a very short period of time. I’ve been in several publications, including internet retailer, or The Wall Street Journal, stores magazine, New York Times, but largely that was based around things I was doing early on in the E commerce sector about some dynamic product recommendation systems. I’ve done a lot of work with hp, Adobe, Justin boots, Vail Resorts, and few other companies out there. But my focus now is really moved towards business development. And I’m one of the co-founders for Popable, where we help brands and spaces connect, we’re doing pop ups. So that’s a little bit about me. And when we just talk a little bit, Steven about this podcast, and kind of what our audience might expect going into this and what they think they might be able to get out of it.

Stephen Brooks 2:51
Yeah, so we’re gonna be bringing lots of industry experts into the into the podcast. And I think that the foundation of what we’re looking to do is really educate you guys about the pop-up industry. bring along some people that will talk about, you know, all the dynamics of the business, from inventory management, accounting to space location, marketing, I mean, you know, think of anything to do with pop up retailing, and we’re going to attract these guests along, we’re going to have some people from outside the US. In fact, we’re just talking the other day to a professor in France, who wants to come along and be a guest who’s just published a book about pop-up retailing, so it’d be really cool to, to have them on. And at the end of the day, you know, what we want to do is really inspire you to really do pop-ups, and get out there and experience it, grow your businesses with it, and, and be successful

Scott Blair 3:49
100% It’ll cover the gamut. But I really think we want to focus as much as we can on the pop-up retailers the experiences, and give them tactical advice and information to help them grow their PopUp Business. And that’s everything from like you’re saying from staffing to you know, is it time to bring in crypto for your checkout process? Is it? What does omni-channel retailing look like? You know, in our current age?

Stephen Brooks 4:16
Yeah, absolutely. All the different aspects of, of actually, what is modern day retailing now, so you’re absolutely right, Scott. So we’re looking to do this podcast and send this podcast out about once a week Scott, how can people get ahold of us? What sort of things can people do to engage?

Scott Blair 4:32
They can join us on poppable podcast.com. And on there, you can listen to past episodes. You can submit questions, by audio or by filling out a form in if you’ve got any questions, FAQs, if you want to put something forward to the pop-up expert and ask him some questions. Or we can bring this out to our speaking audience in the future look for guest speakers that are able to help answer those questions more effectively for you.

Stephen Brooks 4:58
Also, if you’ve if you’ve got A great story about your popup, then we would love to hear that, you know, this is about supporting you guys and making you better. So if you’ve got, if you’ve got a tremendous story, send it in. And as Scott was saying, if you want to challenge, the pop-up retail expert with a question, I’m here to answer as many as I can. So look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Blair 5:19
Oh, absolutely. And I think just one other point that I had for this is we want to make this a poppable podcast meaning is going to be bite-sized. So 15 to 20 minutes is all that you’re going to need to commit to kind of listen to an episode and you can look, listen to more of them in repetition, if you’d like. But we’ve all got busy lives in 1520 minutes seems like a great place to kind of pop it in during your drive and get some additional help and information along the way.

Stephen Brooks 5:48
Yeah, absolutely. Scott, and we’re going to try and get these out on a weekly basis for everybody. So yeah, we want we want to engage with you it like like Scott was saying, if you’ve got a great popup story, send that in, send your questions in and we’ll do our best to answer those. And if we don’t have an answer, we’ll find somebody that does for you. So really, you know, engage with us, you can find us on poppable podcast.com. And we’re really looking forward to delivering some excellent content for you,

Scott Blair 6:16
Stephen, thank you for joining us today. Looking forward to continuing our journey in this podcast world. And we will see you on the next episode. See you all soon. Thank you for joining us on The poppable pickup

Stephen Brooks 3 6:28
Can we have a little edit of just all the gifts that we do as well? I think that might be fun at some point.

Stephen Brooks 6:39
Yeah, let’s do that one. Let’s do that. It’s a hits and misses. I know is Popable podcast and is a bit of a tongue-twister. Thanks for popping in on the Popable podcast we just popped on the bottom of wildcards. People are popping when they pop in on the poppable podcast. Pop in pop out. Should we get Mary Poppins?