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Haight‑Ashbury District, 1400 ‑ 1800 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117


Bathroom - Public Electricity Parking


Estimated attendance:  75,000


June 13, 2021


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Until Full

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On April 29, 1978, the first Haight-Ashbury Street Fair was held to celebrate the re-emergence of The Haight. The primary focus of this event was to draw an awareness & appreciation to the cultural, political & social contributions this neighborhood provided to the American landscape during the 1960s.

But it was also to proclaim that after a dark economic & social downturn following “The Summer of Love”, the community had been able to rebound stronger than ever. New retail businesses began occupying formerly boarded-up storefronts; local Arts projects such as murals, after-school programs & musical presentations began making a positive impact on residential pride & a surge of political awareness to the historical importance of The Haight gave the community the will to once again solidify its identity.

It was the late San Francisco District Supervisor Harvey Milk who provided support & guidance to a group of community citizens to organize a festival to celebrate the neighborhood’s re-birth & reclaim its importance in San Francisco history.

Thus, on a sunny April afternoon at the corner of Haight Street & Ashbury Street in 1978, thousands of people gathered to re-affirm the Counter Culture’s mantra of “Peace, Love & Happiness”.

Since then, the annual event has been held on the second Sunday of June & has endured for more than 40 years. During its existence, HASF has been awarded numerous “Certificates of Honor” from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the California Senate & the Bay Guardian’s “Best of…” citations.

HASF has earned local, national & international recognition as one of the most highly anticipated events during the San Francisco Summer Events Season. Our event provides everyone with an opportunity to stroll & dance on a sunny afternoon down Haight Street.

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