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15500 E 40th Ave, Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center, Denver, CO 80239


Parking Bathroom - Public Electricity


Estimated attendance:  6,000


September 24-26, 2021


Exhibitors Application Deadline

Until Full

Performers Application Deadline

Until Full


At Body Mind Spirit Celebration, we believe that each of us has a connection to a profound source of knowledge and inner strength.

We try to show that living a conscious, holistic life allows us to not only enjoy vibrant health but to understand our deepest motivations and some of the most mysterious aspects of our being.

For nearly 30 years our festivals, which travel everywhere from Portland, Or to Tampa, Fl, including Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, and Raleigh, NC have helped define the very holistic movement.

Join us for a holistic extravaganza combining metaphysics, alternative, and natural health, new thought, entertainment, performers as well as psychics, mediums, and healers to some of America’s most vibrant holistic markets.

Through the very latest explorations in fields as diverse as astrology and dream recall, to naturopaths and yoga, sacred sound concerts to kirtan, we invite you to discover that you have more than a community of like-minded souls.

You have a holistic family that shares your quest to feel, learn and be more in everything they do.

Emerge Into Your Brilliant Future in Denver!

Body Mind Spirit Celebration is back and better than ever!

Built on the simple principle of bringing together the finest psychics and healers with the best in holistic lifestyle gurus and products to create an incredible event for YOU! Our theme for this year: “Emerge Into Your Brilliant Future”!

Focus on looking ahead to spiritual growth in the coming year. With ALL readings and healings just $25 for 20 minutes, there’s no better place to celebrate this theme!

Come explore the expo with our incredible selection of the nation’s finest psychics and mediums, the best in alternative health, wellness tools, products, and resources.

Make sure to leave time to attend our speaking sessions, covering a range of topics from past lives to animal communication, healthy diets to tarot 101; featuring industry-leading experts in their fields.

Admission $7


All sessions are included FREE with your entry ticket!

Whether you are looking to expand your spiritual awareness or improve your physical health, you’ll find just what you need at the Denver Body Mind Spirit Celebration event.


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