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Houston Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston, TX 77042


Parking Electricity Bathroom - Public


Estimated attendance:  3,000


July 16-18, 2021


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Until Full

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Delta H Con

is a woman-owned company based out of the Houston Area. Our members are folks that have been gamers or anime lovers for years. Some of us have even worked in the gaming or anime industry before. We also enjoy curling up on these lovely rainy days we have had so much lately and watching a good anime. We’ve made our pilgrimages to the big national gaming conventions and looked for the little local ones to fill the time between mega gatherings. Sadly we found they were rather sparse in our area. So for all you gamers and anime aficionados out there finding the same long stretches of months going by without the big adventures of a con welcome to Delta H Con. We hope you will join us for our annual convention and find a home here. We look forward to meeting you all and joining you for three-game and anime-filled days.

Delta H Con is a thirteenth-year convention in the Houston area. You may ask “Convention? What kind of Convention?” Delta H Con is the budding flower of hobby Gaming enthusiasts and Anime aficionados in the southern United States. Games range from card games, to board games, role-playing games, live-action role-playing games, miniatures, computer games, and more. At Delta H Con you can challenge a friend or foe to a duel of wits in your favorite games. We offer a wide range of Anime programming. Voice Actors, Cosplay Guests, Maid, and Cosplay shows Anime rooms showing an Anime selection that just might rival your own.

We hope Game and Anime manufacturers use Delta H Con as a stepping stone to display their new Products or to run their tournaments. From Regional Championships to a 30-minute anime newly created, you can play them at Delta H Con. There are also seminars and workshops ranging in topics from how to develop games to how to do your own animations. We’ve got something for everyone.

How does the show work? Delta H Con is a convention that is open to the public. You can pre-register for your badge & event tickets online or you can hold off and purchase them onsite. A badge gives you entrance to the show and must be worn at all times. You must purchase a badge to attend Delta H Con. This badge allows you entrance to the exhibit hall, entrance to workshops and seminars, the art show, and other included events that are run at the convention. Event tickets are separate from a badge. The event tickets are for entrance to special events run at the show. You can search for events online or in our onsite program book. Event tickets and entrance badges are available online at Please direct all badging questions to Delta H Con staff.

We can be reached by mail at:
Delta H Con P.O. Box 9462 Houston, TX. 77261

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