What Is A Pop-up Shop?

What is a pop-up shop?

A pop-up shop is a temporary retail space that’s open for a limited time. Pop-ups are used to test out new products, get exposure for new brands, or just try something different. They can be found at malls, street fairs, and other events—just about anywhere!

How much does a pop-up cost?

The cost of opening a pop-up depends on what kind of space you’re renting, how long you want it for (the longer the pop-up space rental period, the lower the price), how many people you expect to visit the store on any given day (the more foot traffic you have, the higher your cost will be), and whether or not you plan to have staff working in the shop. The average cost to rent real estate for up to four weeks is around $500 – $900 per week, and greatly varies based on location. New York or LA would typically be much higher than a location in the mid-west for instance.

Who can open a pop-up shop?

Anyone! You don’t need to own a business; you just need an idea and some motivation. It’s a common misconception that pop-up shops are only for those who are just starting out. In fact, pop-up shops are a great way to get your business off the ground—they’re low-cost and easy to set up, and they can be incredibly effective in drawing attention to your brand or concept.

Where can I find pop-up shops for rent?

There are so many options! You can check out websites like Popable (one of the easiest and cheapest ways if you’re looking for short-term rentals) or go through your local chamber of commerce, or work with a pop-up consultant or commercial real estate broker.