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If you have ever tried to lease temporary space, you know the challenges that come with it. The endless hours spent searching, vetting, and trying to get in touch with the decision-maker can feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Ready for a better way?
Popable™ is proven to take the hassle out of finding pop-up spaces and brands to work with. Think easy searching, quick vetting, and then you get direct access to the decision-maker to negotiate your next deal.

Popable™ is not a broker, and doesn’t represent either party. Instead, it’s a relational platform and not transactional… so, this is all available to you with no commissions or booking fees! It’s completely free for brands, and just a minor listing fee for spaces.

So, post your popable brand, or list your available space. Then “swipe right” for the perfect Popable™ Match.

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From the premier shops of Chicago to the culture centric establishments of the SOHO district in New York, find the perfect space to popup your brand.

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Downtown Houston


Houston Museum District

Museum District

Rice Village in Houston

Rice Village

Houston CityCentre


The Woodlands, Houston

The Woodlands

Shopping Center - Lifestyle, Shopping Center - Open Air in
sqft      $/day
Shopping Center - Power in
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Mall in
sqft      $/day
Shopping Center - Power in
sqft      $/day
Shopping Center - Lifestyle in
sqft      $/day
Shopping Center - Open Air in
sqft      $/day



Finding the right brands to draw traffic to your space is critical. We help connect you with the perfect brands to pop-up in your space. With no brokers or middle-men, you work directly with brands to set the lease terms.

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Party City
Seedling & Co
Stick & Ball
Twisted Arrow Goods
FOMO Factory